11th Avenue being converted to one-way (44/57)

Finally after 12 years of planning work, the DOT has started the conversion of 11th Avenue from two-way to one-way south between 44th and 57th Streets  !WHH Flyer for 11th Ave bet 59th and 43rd Sts.

It was the ultimate goal of the Hell’s kitchen study, to optimize the unused capacity and re balance the load between the various avenues.  The installation will take place in multiple phases over the summer and the fall. But it is REALLY happening on the ground with lanes being re-striped and medians being built .. photographs soon to come ..

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3 Responses to 11th Avenue being converted to one-way (44/57)

  1. Martin says:

    At last I got to go over and look

  2. Dorothy Krakauer says:

    Eleventh Avenue should remain two ways between West 44 Street and West 57 Street. It makes no sense to change it to one way and it is dangerous for all traffic. I live in Hells Kitchen. We need two way streets in this area and in the city.

  3. Team Chekpeds says:

    this will allow the installation of bus lane, bike lanes, and turning protections that are very beneficial to pedestrians .

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