Deputy Mayor Dan Doctoroff : “Congestion is a problem, it is time to act “

Deputy Mayor Dan Doctoroff responded to our coalition’s call for an overhaul of the transportation policy : Our call had been echoed by Community Boards 2 and 4 which both sent letters to the Deputy Mayor.

Congestion a Major Problem – Time to Act
The first piece of news is Doctoroff’s acknowledgement that congestion is a “major problem” that “will only get worse unless we act.”
The second news item is Doctoroff’s announcement that he is “looking carefully” at ways “to shift travel… away from the automobile and onto transit.”
The final nugget of news here is Doctoroff’s announcement of pedestrian improvement projects already underway at specific locations throughout the city — Times Square, Herald Square, Penn Station and Astor Place.

REad commentary and Full letter :

Read Our Original Letter

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