DOT study : Terrific but please more safety features

In the coming years our streets should be transformed for the better: the transitway on 34th Street will dedicate space for bus riders and bike lanes on 8th and 9th Avenues will dedicate space for bicyclists. In the process pedestrians will get more space on 34th street and 76 pedestrian refuges  on the avenues. Car crashes will be reduced by 30 to 50% .

DOT proposed a series of terrific improvements that will hopefully reduce congestion and improve safety. However the community comments showed that more safety and greening are still needed . Look at the presentation Here and check out reporting in DNAinfo, Streetsblog and The Atlantic Cities

Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety

  • Install a signalized crosswalk at Ramp C ( 36th Street and  west side of 9th Avenue) and enlarge the northern sidewalk.  This is a key feature the community has been asking for years. Extend the sidewalk at 41st Street and the East Side of 9th Avenue to create a mini plaza .
  • For the westbound traffic at 42nd and 9th , change the left turning green signal from the beginning of the cycle to the end of the cycle. This gives a head start to pedestrians .
    • Community asked that the same configuration be used on 42nd street at 10th, 11th and 8th avenues . Community also asked that a red arrow cycle be added to fully protect pedestrians from turning cars (a split phase).
  • Install five split phase signals (on 43rd Street and 9th Avenue , and on 9th Avenue at 34th, 40th, 42nd and 57th Streets) ( no conflict between cars and pedestrians )
    • Community asked  for 10 additional split phases on streets and avenues to fully protect pedestrians especially at intersections where fatalities have occurred. In particular the crossing of the west leg of 41st Street at 9th Avenue is impracticable for pedestrians and requires a split phase.
  • Bike lane will be interrupted from 39th to 42nd street to allow for taxi cab stand in front of the Bus Terminal
    • Community suggested to relocate the taxi stand either to 41st Street or between 39th and 41st Streets


  • 36th Street “Canoe” between 9th Avenue and Dyer would be expanded and become a green street – the City committed this improvement to Speaker Quinn as part of the Rail Yards rezoning.
    • The community ask that the sidewalk be freed of cars immediately
  • North bound Dyer Avenue to be closed at PM only .
    • The community requested that this segment of Dyer avenue be closed permanently and converted to a park.


  • Left turn ban at 37th street onto 9th Avenue  and at 9th Avenue  onto 41st street ( PM only for the latter)
  • Redirect 42nd street westbound buses to turn left at Dyer Avenue onto a new contra lane instead of turning at 9th Avenue
  • Increase southbound capacity by increasing lanes from two to three on 11th Avenue from 44th to 49th Street.
    • The community asks for all the lanes to be southbound for that segment in order to accommodate a Bus Rapid Transit Lane much needed on this avenue .

This is a terrific collection of changes for a very complex and fragile system . The DOT indicated they will continue to work on testing options and meeting with the Project Advisory committee. We are asking an implementation schedule.


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