Letter from BP Scott Stringer re 34th Street Transitway

Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer wrote to the NYC DOT concerning the proposed 34th Street Transitway. He is requesting that DOT provide a written report to address the community’s issues raised through the block-by-block outreach sessions.

He also urges that the Community Advisory Committee (CAC) play a major role for setting up these outreach sessions and for sharing the results as well as reviewing the content of the upcoming traffic/environmental review study and to share its findings.

Read Scott Stringer’s Letter to DOT re 34th St Transitway

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1 Response to Letter from BP Scott Stringer re 34th Street Transitway

  1. Christine Berthet says:

    Until the residents of each block understand how the layout will satisfy their critical needs, one cannot expect full support.
    At the same time, anything proposed will be a step up from today where there is NO access to the curb….

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