Manhattan Community Board 4 supports the study of 9th Avenue Renaissance recommendations

On June 6th, 2007, CB4 passed unanimously a resolution supporting the goals of the 9th Avenue Renaissance community plan. In a resolution asking that the New York City Department of Transportation study the feasibility of implementing such a vision, within the scope of the Hell’s Kitchen transportation study.

This is a giant step toward a tight partnership between DOT and the community in finding solutions to local problems in a regional context. We are elated that the new DOT leadership really believes that the Community should be front and center in this process.

This is a terrific outcome for a grass root initiative, but Hell’s Kitchen is known for such feats. The Hell’s Kitchen Neighborhood Association (HKNA) had produced in 2000 a remarkable plan for redeveloping the area and many of its suggestions were later adopted in the 2005 rezoning.

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