MTA to discuss stations enhancements at CB4 Transportation Committee

Wednesday, April 18th - 6:30 PM
MCB4 Office Conference Room
330 W. 42nd Street, 26th Fl.

Presentation: New York City Transit on Upcoming Enhanced Station Initiative Work at 57th Street (F), 23rd Street (F/M), 28th Street (6), Penn Station (A/C/E/1/2/3)

These stations will probably be closed during the work.

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Your Tax $ , Your Vote!

Each year our council member allocates $ 1 million of his capital budget to be spent according to a836d886-e01b-43ba-80e8-417046945e35his constituents’ wishes. This is called participatory budgeting . 2018 is no exception but you have only one day left to cast your vote.

In the last 2 years, 200 trees were installed as part of this process, and this year there is an opportunity to vote for tree guards, which are expensive to procure but critical to keep the trees alive.


to see all the projects and to vote!

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The future of Hell’s Kitchen South

On April 3rd over 60 people gathered at the Metro Baptist Church to hear about  HKSC  proposed plan to help undo the damage and disfiguring scars left by the many open air cuts that were created to allow for the Lincoln Tunnel entrances and exits in Hell’s Kitchen South.

Congressman Jerry Nadler spoke to assure all that we won the battle against the use of eminent domain by the Port Authority. He is now ready to help us with the next phase to improve air quality and make sure that most buses – if not all- use ramps and not streets to access the terminal.

PAproposedusesThe plan addresses nine sites owned by the Port Authority. While respecting the current zoning, it provides green spaces, residential with 30% affordable, some commercial and affordable local retail on certain side streets . This plans requires building platforms over the Dyer Avenue cuts to create developable land. See the full plan. 

The community gave over 150 comments as feedback.  On April 12 , this conceptual plan was presented to CB4′s Clinton – Hell’s Kitchen Land Use committee which expressed its support. A letter will be voted on at the next full board .

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Port Authority Bus Terminal – Update

The rhythm and quality of CB4 interaction with the Port Authority is a sea change from previous years. It is clear that the PA executives in charge are ready and anxious to proceed with the project. See some of the key dates for yourself:

April 2017:
•MCB4 meets with the Port Authority on the #7 extension
July 2017:
•Meeting of the PABT NY working group (PA, CBs, Elected Officials)
HKSC speaks at the Port Authority Board meeting: “Clean Our Air”
August 2017:
•Port Authority announces new Chair (Kevin O’Toole) and New Executive Director (Rick Cotton)
October 2017:
•MCB4 meets with new Chair and new ED of PANYNJ
•Port Authority announces the feasibility of redeveloping the terminal in place
January 2018:
•MCB4 meets with PABT replacement project team
February 2018:
•Joint meeting of NY and NJ working groups with Port Authority
•Port Authority updates community at MCB4’s Full Board Meeting
March 2018:
•MCB4 gives a walking tour of Hell’s Kitchen South to Port Authority staff & consultants
•MCB4 gives Port Authority input on PABT EIS Purpose and Needs statement
April 2018:
•MCB4 gives Port Authority input on PABT EIS Purpose and Needs statement

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Join Us : Bus terminal update and input on neighborhood plan

This is the meeting you do not want to miss: the Hell’s Kitchen South Coalition will give an  update on the Port Authority plans and unveil its own plan for redeveloping the district. April 2018 Coalition Meeting Flyer

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TAKE ACTION to get Congestion Pricing NOW!

Last week,  hundreds rallied in front of Governor Cuomo’s New York office to ask for better transit and to pass congestion pricing now! Our neighborhood could be one of the biggest winner from Congestion Pricing: Less cars, Less gridlock , less idling , less emissions.

But you need to act NOW for Governor Cuomo to include Congestion pricing in the budget that is being discussed this coming week. Please share with your lists, facebook, twitter. and  SIGN THE PETITION 


Advocates Rally Outside Gov. Cuomo’s Office to Pass Congestion Pricing from


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HOLD the Date: Port Authority Update and Neighborhood Plan

On April 3rd, 6:00 p.m. the Hell’s Kitchen South Coalition will give an update of the Port Authority Bus Project, and everyone will get an opportunity to comment on a proposed neighborhood plan.

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Progress Report

The Department of Transportation tells us they are studying  the following dangerous areas we had been flagging for years:

60th Street and 9th Avenue
57th Street and 8th Avenue
42nd Street and 8th Avenue

DOT is also working on a summer/ fall 2018 schedule to actually convert 11th Avenue to one way , with bike lane and bus platforms .

This is very encouraging.

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10th Avenue Bike Lane, Street Seats and Crashmapper

Join us at the Manhattan Community Board 4 Transportation Committee to share your comments and opinions on these topics and more..

Manhattan Community Board 4 – Transportation Committee
Wednesday, March 21st, 6:30 p.m.
The Flats, 554 West 53rd Street (10/11)

The meeting will be followed by the first meeting of the ADA Working group .

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Tracking Traffic Crashes, Trends and Vision Zero progress in New York City a web-based app, developed by CHEKPEDS was launched in New York City, on February 28, 2018. The application received very positive reviews from Streetsblog “ This Is the Tool You Need to Push for Safer Streets in Your Part of NYC”. A reputed transportation consultant calls it ” a fantastic tool” and even some DOT employees find it “cool”. 9avmap


Crashmapper showing crashes on 9th avenue in 2017., a new web-based app that maps and analyzes traffic crashes and trends in New York City will be launched by CHEKPEDS, a non-profit coalition for pedestrian safety, today. The app has data from 2012 and incorporates updates from New York City open data portals.

Although traffic fatalities are on a downward trend, there were still over 60,000 injuries and deaths in 2017 in New York City from vehicles. To accelerate increased pedestrian safety progress, it is critical to fix intersections that contribute disproportionately to this epidemic. Each passing day means injuries or deaths that could be avoided and families saved from the agony of losing a loved one.

Using New York City open data in real time, the application maps, trends, compares and ranks intersections and streets where crashes have occurred. With a few clicks, makes available to all—activists, press, elected officials, agencies, police precincts, community boards, and business improvement districts—the information necessary to evaluate in minutes instead of days the safety of our streets, and request remedies accordingly. The app also allows the user to define custom areas to evaluate the effectiveness of a given street improvement.

9av compare
















“For over a decade, CHEKPEDS has been working to improve safety measures on New York City’s busy streets and sidewalks,” said Christine Berthet, CHEKPEDS co-founder.  “This app is data-driven, which will help inform solutions and give the information needed to prioritize dangerous intersections and sidewalks. One injury or death is one too many, and working together to achieve the goals of Vision Zero will end that.”

The fully open-source application was built by the nonprofit Greeninfo Network.  “Making public data accessible is the first step. New York is doing a great job at that. Making public data meaningful is the next step, and that’s what Crashmapper does,” said Dan Rademacher, Executive Director of Greeninfo Network. “You can view more than a million crashes framed by the neighborhoods, political boundaries, and other places that matter to city residents. We’re taking raw data and turning it into meaning for the good of the city.”

“Location data has the potential to change the way we see our environment, and the plans we make to improve it,” said Tyler Bird of CARTO, which is supporting the project with a grant for its services. “Our grant program is designed to make these tools available to more organizations looking to make smarter, data-based decisions, and Crashmapper is a shining example of how Location Intelligence can be utilized in an engaging and meaningful way to create safer communities for citizens.

The App was funded by grants from the City Council Speaker and Manhattan Borough President as well as private foundations. It is accessible for free at

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