West 37th Street Renaissance

Over 10 years ago CHEKPEDS initiated a 9th Avenue Renaissance project which incorporated over 1,000 input from the community. The resulting suggested various  designs for streets.

Fast forward to 2017 , when the recently formed Hudson Yards/Hell’s Kitchen Alliance (HYHK Business Improvement District) initiated a Streetscape Study of its district.

in 2018, HYHK started to implement the plan and the results are spectacular. we encourage you to visit 37th street ( 9/10) and enjoy al fresco in the public seating provided.

Horticulture: Designwild
Music: Allegria Callada, Chano Dominguez

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Victory for Disabled – L train’s 6th Avenue station to become ADA compliant

Disabled person discuss with Andy Byford at L Train  Open House. Photo by Lesley Susan

Disabled person discuss with Andy Byford at L Train Open House. Photo by Lesley Susan

As the result of a lawsuit filed by the 14th Street Coalition and disabled groups, the MTA committed to install elevators at the 14th Street and 6th Avenue Station, while the repairs to the Canarsie Tunnel are underway.

It is a terrific win on an item that was high on Community Board  4 ‘s list of demands for this project . On the other hand, it is a disgrace that a lawsuit was necessary in order to obtain satisfaction for such a logical request .  MTA funds would be better spent on accelerating projects in compliance with federal law , rather than litigating them.

Read the full story.

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Speed cameras work. Ask Gov. Cuomo to keep them to save lives


Last night, the State Legislature went home without approving an extension of life-saving speed cameras at schools. The Assembly majority showed real leadership by approving an expansion bill but the Senate did not allow it to advance. Because of this inaction, , the speed camera program as we know it will end on July 25th and lives will be at risk. 140 schools will lose these speed cameras which reduce pedestrian injuries by 23 percent and speeding by 63 percent.

We need your support. Join Mayor de Blasio and advocates for a rally to tell Albany that they must approve a speed camera bill.

Rally to Support Speed Cameras (with Mayor De Blasio)
This Sunday, June 25th, 11 a. m.
Union Square

Thank you for joining us in this important fight!

If you’re interested in attending or know others who would like to attend, please let Gabrielle know.

Gabrielle Dann-AllelManhattan Borough Director
Mayor’s Community Affairs Unit
o: 212-788-2781
m: 347-268-7912

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Pedestrians and cyclists fight over crumbs on 8th Avenue

I know , pedestrians will tell you that cyclists are doing all sorts of illegal stuff: running red lights, interfering with pedestrians in the crosswalk, going the wrong way, riding on the sidewalk  and they are right about all of it. Bicyclists scare pedestrians with unexpected moves and can be very callous when called upon it.  But pedestrians also act illegally when they jaywalk in a bike lane and it turns out such behavior is dangerous .

gregg_ambulance-2Gregg is my neighbor. You could not find a more reasonable , moderate and law abiding citizen. He was biking in the 8th avenue bike lane three week ago , around 45th street when a pedestrian, walking illegally in the bike lane, elbowed him and threw him to the ground. He stayed in the hospital for 3 days with a collapsed lung, three broken ribs and a broken collarbone. He is back home in great pain, starting reeducation. Full Story 

The main culprit here is neither pedestrians nor cyclists but rathe the poor design of the 8th Avenue bike lane , adjacent to an overcrowded sidewalk.  It is not that the DOT did not know .. the community board resolution alerted them to the specific problem and the fact that is will be dangerous . Expediency was chosen over safe design.

As they continue to roll out this new infrastructure, DOT must not sacrifice quality design to the urgency of adding bike lanes, nor should the advocates pressure them to do so.  We are often blaming former generations for designing streets for cars and speed.  In our haste to change this, we must not accept less safe infrastructure that does nor resolve current problems for **all Users**.

If there are not enough funds to install safe bike lanes and complete streets for everyone, then lets pressure the Mayor for more resources to reduce deaths and injuries. But let’s  not tolerate expediency and ultimately become responsible for more injuries .

No room for Pedestrians on NYC’s 8th Ave so they walk in Protected Bike Lane from STREETFILMS on Vimeo.


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Inclusive streets: focus on disabled persons

When we met with Andy Byford , the new head of New York City Transit, he declared being very focused on accessibility. His 10 year plan is proof that he was serious .  Now the Coalition of Block Associations againstthe L train who had filed a lawsuit against both DOT and MTA, has already settled its MTA portion: the stations that are not yet ADA compliant will be be made so , either as part of the L train repairs  or shortly thereafter. Community board 4 resolution on the L train has highlighted this need as a top priority. This is excellent news and indeed so logical. See the full details in Chelsea Now .


At the request of Martin Treat, chair of CHEKPEDS, Community Board 4 Transportation Committee formed a working group to promote an ADA compliant design for store entrances. Many businesses are located in old buildings which are not ADA compliant.  Designing an ADA compliant  entrance is challenging on avenues and streets with narrow sidewalks . The working group will propose designs that achieve ADA requirements while leaving sufficient space for pedestrians . This should help disabled persons as well as businesses who have to fend off class action lawsuits .

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Spotlight on bike lanes: 8th and 10th Avenues proposals coming up

Join Us at the Transportation Committee, to hear DOT’s plans to extend the 8th Avenue bike lane from 56th Street around Columbus circle  and the Amsterdam Avenue bike lane down to 52nd Street.

DOT will present their approach to make 57th Street and 8th Avenue safer for pedestrians and bicyclists.  We are so grateful to Assembly Member Linda Rosenthal and the wonderful Erica Overton for their relentless efforts and support over the last 4 years to obtain this change.

Manhattan Community Board 4 – Transportation Committee
Wednesday, June 20th, 6:30 p.m.
305 West 44th Street (8/9)


A bike lane will be installed later this year on 11th Avenue , when the avenue direction will be changed from two ways to one way southbound, between 42nd and 57th Streets.

CB4 had previously requested that a bike lane be installed on 10th Avenue  starting with implementation from 34th . CB4 has also requested the installation of cross town bike lanes at 37th and 38th Streets .

Our next challenge is the stretch in front of the Port Authority which is so dangerous for bicyclists and pedestrians alike. 


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Join Us: speak your mind with the new head of NYC transit

2018 Bus Town Hall Flier with MTA FINAL

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MTA to discuss stations enhancements at CB4 Transportation Committee

Wednesday, April 18th - 6:30 PM
MCB4 Office Conference Room
330 W. 42nd Street, 26th Fl.

Presentation: New York City Transit on Upcoming Enhanced Station Initiative Work at 57th Street (F), 23rd Street (F/M), 28th Street (6), Penn Station (A/C/E/1/2/3)

These stations will probably be closed during the work.

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Your Tax $ , Your Vote!

Each year our council member allocates $ 1 million of his capital budget to be spent according to a836d886-e01b-43ba-80e8-417046945e35his constituents’ wishes. This is called participatory budgeting . 2018 is no exception but you have only one day left to cast your vote.

In the last 2 years, 200 trees were installed as part of this process, and this year there is an opportunity to vote for tree guards, which are expensive to procure but critical to keep the trees alive.


to see all the projects and to vote!

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The future of Hell’s Kitchen South

On April 3rd over 60 people gathered at the Metro Baptist Church to hear about  HKSC  proposed plan to help undo the damage and disfiguring scars left by the many open air cuts that were created to allow for the Lincoln Tunnel entrances and exits in Hell’s Kitchen South.

Congressman Jerry Nadler spoke to assure all that we won the battle against the use of eminent domain by the Port Authority. He is now ready to help us with the next phase to improve air quality and make sure that most buses – if not all- use ramps and not streets to access the terminal.

PAproposedusesThe plan addresses nine sites owned by the Port Authority. While respecting the current zoning, it provides green spaces, residential with 30% affordable, some commercial and affordable local retail on certain side streets . This plans requires building platforms over the Dyer Avenue cuts to create developable land. See the full plan. 

The community gave over 150 comments as feedback.  On April 12 , this conceptual plan was presented to CB4′s Clinton – Hell’s Kitchen Land Use committee which expressed its support. A letter will be voted on at the next full board .

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