Join Us: L Train Shutdown Mitigation Measures

Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) & NYC Department of Transportation (DOT) will present plans to alleviate the effects of the L Train Canarsie Shutdown.

We will also discuss the Governor’s FIX NYC report, a task force on ADA compliance and the priorities for the year.

Please note the meeting location

Wednesday February 21st, 6:30 p.m.

Hudson Guild Elliot Center
441 W. 26th Street
Dan Carpenter Room A/B

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Port Authority Bus Terminal – latest news

In Early February, the Port Authority Chair, CEO and staff met with elected officials  from New Jersey and New york, representatives from City Agencies, and the community board 4 and 5 in one of the most amicable meetings to date.

The Port Authority has retained consultants who will perform the planning and EIS work necessary to involve the public, filter down the options and analyze the qualified alternatives that meet the goals of the project. A walk through is scheduled next week to kick off this process.

They also confirmed that an on-site redevelopment was considered technically feasible and that a separate group is pursuing the study of  Trans Hudson rail options for the long range.

Port Authority personnel came to speak to the Full board of Community Board 4, a first in the history of our relationship. IMG_7011In a parallel effort to become better neighbors, the Port  doubled its cleaning and de-icing crews to improve the conditions on all the sidewalks that abut their property in Hell’s Kitchen South . As soon as the weather permits they will repair the numerous cracks in the sidewalk; and we are told that improved lighting will be installed under the 9th and 10th Avenue bridges.

The Hell’s Kitchen South Coalition has been busy as well. A sub – committee headed by Betty MacIntosh is preparing a neighborhood plan to develop 9 parcels of land owned by the Port Authority in Hell’s Kitchen South .  An overview will be unveiled at the next

Clinton Hells’s Kitchen Land Use committee
Wed., March 14th, 6:30 p.m.
307 West 43rd Street, Cameo Studios, Studio B.

All in all, good progress in the right direction.

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“Fix New York City” plan is more than Congestion Pricing!

Every one is talking about the “Fix NYC Panel Report” and its recommendation to implement Congestion Pricing. But there is much more there than meets the eye.

Fix New York City

The panel also recommends to enforce gridlock laws and Bus lanes with cameras if feasible, to overhaul the placards program and to focus on the bus congestion on the West Side and Lower Manhattan .

These recommendations are critical to bring relief to our neighborhood which sees more than its fair share of placard, gridlocks and buses. It gives us a platform to discuss the bus permitting system and its deficiencies, and hopefully find a way to put buses  where they belong, in a garage and not on residential streets.

We were  fortunate that savvy New Yorkers were able to bring common sense and valuable information to the panel. Bravo Governor Cuomo. Now let’s turn up our sleeves.

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Free at Last! Demand Congestion Pricing

The transit system is in crisis mode: delays on the subway have tripled over the last five years, subway stations are crumbling, and aging signal systems can’t keep up with growing ridership. Meanwhile, our streets are increasingly clogged with traffic, which results in buses that travel at walking speeds, and impatient drivers who endanger people walking and biking and abuse every inch of space. This is unacceptable.

April 22 - 37-9


There is a group of lawmakers who don’t want this nightmare to end — and they are trying to squash the best idea out there for fixing our transit system: congestion pricing. It could fix the subways. It could make our streets safer. It could end gridlock as we know it. When congestion pricing was enacted in London, total traffic crashes fell 40% and the bicycle crash rate fell 80%.


Only 4% of outer borough commuters drive to Manhattan for work, and on average, New York City car-owners earn twice as much as New Yorkers who don’t drive. Congestion pricing just makes sense.

The plan announced on Friday — produced by the Fix NYC panel — will only succeed if we all get behind it .. and share with all your friends


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Join Us: Cross town protected bike lanes

After the community board asked twice for crosstown bike lanes, DOT is presenting their plan for  multiple crosstown protected bike lanes,  as well as a project to implement a pair on 26/29th Streets where a bicyclist was killed by a bus driver last summer.

Manhattan Community Baord 4 – Transportation committee
Wednesday , January 17, 6:30 p.m.
Cameo Studo B , 307 West 43rd Street (8/9)

Flyer for CB 4 Meeting

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SANS L TRAIN: Scheduled Open Houses etc..

MTA and DOT are planning open houses to collect community input on their plan for subway, buses, bicycles and pedestrians during the shutdown of the L train. Mitigation of traffic on the adjacent streets will be discussed as well.

Canarsie Tunnel Open Houses
Wednesday, February 14, 2018, 5:00 -8:00 p.m.
328 West 14th Street

In addition to the Open Houses, MCB4 has requested that MTA and DOT present to the Transporation Committee with a focus on mitigation in Chelsea. The date is not set yet.

L Canarsie Tunnel Open Houses 2018

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Speak Up: another long distance bus stop@ 42nd street and 9th


Another long distance company is requesting a stop on 42nd street , in the bus lane , at the bus stop on the South East corner of 42nd and 9th. there are already two stops  for airport buses , one stop for a local tour bus and illegally parked post office trucks.

One wonders why MTA buses are slow.

Please join us and speak up on this matter.

Manhattan Community Baord 4 – Transportation committee
Wednesday , January 17, 6:30 p.m.
Cameo Studo B , 307 West 43rd Street (8/9)

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Protected: Sign the Petition : Safety is a priority on the greenway

This post is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

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Best Wishes for 2018

2017 felt like a rotten year, but we kept our heads down and managed to accomplish a lot with the help of DOT, our elected officials and the Community Board:

Reclaim Street Space for pedestrians: A whole block of 8th Avenue (42/43) was transformed by dedicating a car lane to pedestrians and adding a protected bike lane side by side. Many cyclists have called for this design to be implemented citywide. We’d like to see it all along 8th Avenue.

Make intersections safer: DOT installed new Split LPI signals at 10 intersections which make crossing them safer.

Improve Air Quality and Congestion:  CHEKPEDS joined the Coalition for Hell’s Kitchen South as a founding member. Our Strategy for the Port Authority replacement is gaining traction: The Port Authority gave up on eminent domain and evictions to focus instead on expanding vertically on site; the Regional Planning Association published recommendations that are in line with the Community Board’s and the City administration is pursuing jointly with Port Authority a parallel study of additional rail links with New Jerseys Click Here for stories. 

Make our crash data expertise available to other advocacy groups , by publishing the first version of the application Crashmapper.0rg 

Best Wishes2018


We have high expectations for 2018 :

Congestion Pricing: will Cuomo and DiBlasio finally focus on New York City (instead of Westchester and  Ohio) and follow in the steps of major cities who have benefitted from congestion pricing ?

Pedestrian and bicyclists safety: will NYC DOT fix the 10 most dangerous intersections in our district? Will they give more time to pedestrians to cross the streets in the newest parts of our district? Will they install the 10 raised pedestrian crossings our council member funded two years ago in the participatory budget? Will NYS DOT fix the dangerous greenway?

Will NYC DOT adopt a new safer standard for bike lanes intersections with vehicular left turns? Will they change the signal timing so that vehicles are limited to 25mph 24 hours a day?

Will 37th street get neck downs? Will we get  crosstown protected bike lanes?

Will State and DOT and NYPD get their act together and make the bus industry more accountable with a permitting process more stringent, equipment and drivers safety tests and truck routes and idling enforcement?

Will DOT make 11th Avenue a complete street ? safer and more efficient for all users: this project, the final piece from the DOT study of Hell’Kitchen traffic, has been delayed multiple times. We hope to see it happen in 2018 as promised.

Will PANYNJ be receptive to our proposals to improve air quality ?

It will take a lot of work and advocacy to get these done. We are counting on you . Happy New Year!


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Cross Town Protected Bike lanes on W37/38th streets?

Community Board 4 wrote a letter to DOT asking them to study the feasibility of protected crosstown bike lanes on 37th and 38th Streets from 11th to 8th Avenue .

The bike lanes would connect workers and residents of the emerging Hudson Yards district to the northbound  / southbound  lanes on 8th and 9th Avenues.  And the recent fatality on 26th street has illustrated that further protection is needed to make this mode of transportation safe for all. This could also be a boon to the Javits’ Center visitors who need a more protected environment to use a bike in New York city.

“CB4 supports Hudson Yards/Hell’s Kitchen Alliance BID ’s proposal for bike lanes on these streets and requests that DOT create a plan for protected bike lanes on these streets from Eighth Avenue to Eleventh Avenue. Over the past several years, CB4 has repeatedly requested that DOT provide safe, protected crosstown bike lines. While DOT has stated they are working on several proposals, the safety of our city’s pedestrians and cyclists cannot wait. In this case, the local businesses and communities are explicitly requesting these lanes in order to make their streets more friendly and inviting.”

The developers are anxious to see this facility come on line and we are too!


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