Phone Booth of the Future project up to a good start

Eight months ago, the Transportation Committee of Manhattan CB4 invited other Community Boards to share their concerns with the current phone booths, and their wishes for a Phone Booth of the Future. Many concerns were shared by a majority ( too bulky, attracts crime, not working, not used, cannot be removed) and a few design , functionality and process suggestions were unanimously supported. Council Member Brewer’s staff participated to the effort.

With the support of Corey Johnson , CB4 Chair,  the Borough Board adopted a resolution that had been voted by all Community Boards, to encourage the Department of Information Technology (DoiTT) to adopt these principles as part of the renegotiation of the phone booths contract  in 2014.

Separately, Council Member Brewer facilitated a meeting with the administration. It turns out that DoiTT is very much aligned with the proposed principles . The next step will give the Community Boards an opportunity to comment on the RFI that will be distributed to the potential vendors.

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