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10 Years of fights and successes for safer streets

CHEKPEDS was founded in September 2005. With a bit of delay,  we are taking time to reflect  on the last 10 years, the joys, the frustrations and overall the great progress YOU have accomplished with us and the help of untold number of partners . We are incredibly grateful for your advocacy and activism.
There is [...]

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Another Death in Hell’s Kitchen – Pedestrian Crossings still not safe

Last week another woman was killed in Hell’s Kitchen , in the pedestrian crossing, with the walk sign, by a turning truck. The week before, a person was hit at the corner of 38th and 9th in the same circumstances , in the crossing, with the walk sign, by a turning vehicle. This is tragic. [...]

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Why is Vision Zero progress so slow in NYC?

The third edition of the NYC DOT’s Street Design Manual was recently released and  I could not wait to read it. Why? This book reveals the DNA of the Department of Transportation, the hard-wired code the engineers follow and gives a glimpse into its evolution.
Up to page 31, warm words, good marketing pitch, clear process [...]

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2015 was a good year for Street Safety!

Thanks to the DOT administration and the advocates of various groups ( most notably Transportation Alternatives ) we made great strides in 2015:
Safety: CHEKPEDS’s push on fully protected phases for pedestrian crossings was embraced by the DOT in their Vision Zero report by Borough. And sure enough, the DOT installed a number of them on [...]

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24 Intersections now SAFER in Chelsea and Hell’s Kitchen

8 years into the DOT Traffic study of Hell’s Kitchen, DOT is adding six (6) Split phases and 18 Lead Pedestrian Intervals in Chelsea and Hell’s Kitchen, a  welcome news for the residents of these neighborhoods overwhelmed by the horrendous thru traffic.
Combined with those already installed as part of other projects ( bike lane, crash [...]

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Join Us to remember the victims: 373,377 lives lost to traffic in US in last 10 years

November 15, @ 12 Noon, City Hall Park Fountain.
There are no words to describe this epidemic and the condoning silence that surrounds it . The costs to society are staggering, and the cost in pain to families indescribable.  Why is this not registering in the news more than say a Russian plane with 225 person [...]

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NYPD and their Cars

Commissioner Bratton this week repeatedly voiced his support for removing the Times Square Plazas that have become an enormous success with all users including the real estate interests in the area. This is in response to incidents with a few topless women, draped in USA flag paint and the ever-present petty crooks now disguised as [...]

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New Bills introduced to prevent Left Turn collisions

ON August 13, Public Advocate Letitia James introduced two traffic safety bills in the New York City Council aimed at reducing pedestrian deaths across the City. The first bill would require the New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) to establish protected left turn signals at 100 additional intersections with four or more traffic lanes. [...]

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NOT ONE MORE : Vigil for 26,500 New Yorkers injured by Drivers in 2015

[ July 14, 2015; 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm. ] The number is staggering: 143 per day! In the second year of Vision Zero how could it be that drivers injured so many people in 2015 alone? People talk about crime in New York city in the 70′s . I doubt that criminals injured or killed so many people per day ever in New York [...]

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Bus Drivers and Pedestrians are asking for safer intersections

It is time for TWU Local 100 to turn its attention to the real culprit behind bus drivers in handcuffs and dead pedestrians : poorly designed intersections.
In the highly charged discussions of the last few weeks, it seemed that everyone forgot the fundamental rule of Vision Zero: accepting that mistake will be made and design [...]

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