West Side Clean Air Campaign

May 5, 2009
10:00 amto12:00 pm

The West Side Nieighborhood Alliance and CHEKPEDS have joined forces to fight air pollution and secure our right to breathe easy inside our homes and out in the streets. West Side tenants and school children suffer from some of the highest rates of asthma in the city. Traffic congestion and idling vehicles pollute our neighborhood and endanger our health. The air quality in our homes is often no better, with many landlords failing to deal with mold, mildew, lead paint and pest control issues that contaminate the air we breathe indoors.

Idle-Free NYC and World Asthma Day – Press conference

West Siders will join elected officials and New Yorkers from all 5 boroughs to push for measures to improve air quality throughout the city.

May 5th, City Hall steps, 10 a.m.
Please contact Lucas at HCC to RSVP/more info at: LShapiro@hcc-nyc.org or at 212-716-1664.

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