Top 10 Reasons for Jaywalking

# 10 – I cannot move forward:  there are hordes of people coming at me

# 9  – Where do I cross ? the crossing between avenues is so far away, I cannot even see it!

# 8  – Sidewalks are dangerous:  they look like my neighbor’s lawn:  too many useless things make you trip and fall

# 7  – I am not an Olympian: pushing a wheelchair through ped ramp trenches requires too much upper body strength!

# 6  –  Second hand smoking: patrons outside bars and sidewalk cafe block the way

# 5  –  I can’t afford walking on Sidewalks: I ruin my heels every time I walk on ConEd grids

# 4  –  I am not a rat:  why should I walk next to mounds of garbage?

# 3  –  I do not want to die: traffic agents wave turning drivers into my path

# 2  –  I can’t swim: with rain or snow, I can’t get over the rivers at the crossing

# 1  –  I want to live: turning drivers are out there to get me!

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