Clearing snow for people is a higher priority

Three inches of snow fell last week and the familiar pattern emerges again: 24 hours later, car lanes are immaculate. Bike lanes and walk lanes are still messy and dangerous. The Sanitation Department recently boasted of their smaller equipment to deal with bike lanes. But, as the picture above shows, there are still large patches […]

New York City Streets Master Plan does not disappoint!

The NYC DOT just published the Streets master plan, as required by a groundbreaking law Council Speaker Corey Johnson passed in 2019. We could not be happier. The plan includes for the first time a pedestrian master plan , where walking is considered a mode of transportation that deserves studying and engineering . We rejoice […]

Empire State Penn Complex

After many months of consultations and some concessions by the Empire State Developemnt corporation (ESD), Manhattan Community Board 4 (CB4) testified at the Environment Impact Statement meeting on December 8, 2021 . CB4 opposed the project unless significant changes are made. From a transportation standpoint, the project still does not describe what improvements to the […]

The battle for a safe intersection

Assembly member Linda Rosenthal and Erica Overton of her staff called to celebrate new pedestrian safety features at West 57th Street and 8th Avenue . A red arrow left turn signal protects pedestrians crossing W 57th Street to reach Central Park or the subway and a protected bike lane makes cycling uptown and to the […]