March To End Traffic Violence

On Monday, a taxi driver drove onto a Manhattan sidewalk and left at least three people with severe life-altering injuries. In the aftermath, the Adams administration offered no concrete plans or solutions. We cannot let this stand. Join us tomorrow for an emergency direct action to draw attention to the spiraling crisis of traffic violence […]

Join Us: The Greenway @ Chelsea Piers

Tuesday May 3rd, 3-5 p.m. , Meet @ Pier 59 esplanade (19th Street) Chelsea Piers is an extraordinary amenity of the Hudson River Park. However the Greenway capacity at that location has not kept up with the growth in cycling, while in the last 20 years, vehicular space was expanded.  During this workshop we will […]

How would you allocate curb space – survey

There is an ever-increasing demand on our curb space. Bus stops, bike parking , deliveries, drop off, garbage, seating, open restaurants. We want to learn how community members would prioritize various uses. This will help identify the most crucial use of this contested space. This survey is divided into two sections, residential and commercial.   […]

Join Us: Upper 9th Avenue redesign

We did not think it would happen in our lifetime, but soon the upper part of 9th Avenue will feature wider sidewalks and better protection for cyclists (we hope). In 2007 Chekpeds produced the 9th Avenue Renaissance report, the community’s plan for redesigning our streets. It is gratifying to see our collective efforts yielding results. […]