Call to Action: Cargo bikes do not belong on sidewalks

The City is proposing to expand the definition of cargo bikes in order to reduce the number of trucks on our residential streets. The pedal assist electric vehicles would be up to 4ft wide, have 4 wheels and ride at 12mph. They would travel in the bike lanes. This is a positive development for all […]

The birth of a movement

Last week Transportation Alternatives celebrated its 50th anniversary. I had a chance to ask its founder, David […]

Call Speaker Heastie 518-455-3791

Two mothers are ready to die in a hunger strike to force Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie to hold a vote on Sammy’s Law, which would finally allow New York City to set its own speed limits where appropriate. We need your help! Amy Cohen , who son Sammy died in a crash is on a […]

Manhattan Community Board 4 does not support EV chargers on the sidewalk.

After months of discussions and extensive consultations between the Transportation and Environment committees, MCB4 Executives and full board endorsed by a large margin a common sense policy to not support installation of EV chargers on sidewalks. Instead it recommends that incentives be directed at Level 3 (fast) charging hubs that would replicate the current business […]

A historic day for pedestrians in Hell’s Kitchen

Today, we take back our sidewalks from Robert Moses who narrowed them 70 years ago for the Lincoln Tunnel traffic. Martin Treat & Christine Berthet, Co founders On March 21st, 2023 , three commissioners (Department of Transportation (DOT) Departement of Design and Construction (DDC), and Department of Environmental Preservations (DEP) came together with Council Member […]