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An important part of creating a comfortable pedestrian experience is to add greenery and shade along sidewalks, on pedestrian refugees and create plazas and seating when possible. Greenery has been proven to slow down traffic so it brings safety benefits in addition to comfort:  think about walking in the summer when the temperature reaches above 100 degrees!

CHEKEPDS has achieved many successes on its goal of greening  streets

  • Add 300 trees to Hell’s Kitchen south, when the neighborhood transitionned from Manufacturing to Mixed use zoning
  • Advocated for planted micro gardens on 8th and 9th Avenues bike lanes
  • Obtained  planted micro gardens on 6th Avenue bike lane
  • Created two Piazzetas with planters on 9th avenue at 41st street
  • Created the Canoe plaza with seating and 11 large tree pits
  • Created the Triangle plaza with seating and 60 large planters and 11 trees
  • Installed 25 tree guards

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