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Sidewalk repairs and maintenance get a D-MINUS

Since 2003, the city has outsourced the maintenance of sidewalks to landlords and the results are appalling: according to an MCB4 survey 59% (and 68% Person with Disabilities PWD ) rated as poor or very poor City’s job of maintaining sidewalks . The numbers worsen to 62% of respondents (and 69% PWD) on […]

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Feds clear the way for congestion pricing

On March 30, the Federal Government gave the go ahead to the MTA to perform the environmental assessment which will look at how charging a toll on vehicles driving into Manhattan would affect traffic volumes and emissions. A more streamlined process for reviewing the plan’s environmental impacts will help move the project along faster than […]

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From a 5.50-acre parking lot to a park

Pier 76, the abominable tow pound the City committed to dismantle 20 years ago is finally gone! This is a triple win for our neighborhood.

First safety: the pound attracted tow trucks and cars who were constantly in a rush and showed little regard for the users of the greenway. There were 116 injuries and […]

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Council Transportation Committee To Vote On Legislation Establishing Crash Investigation & Analysis Unit Within DOT

Dan Dan Hanegby “fell” onto West 26th Street and was fatally struck by a bus, police said. Videos told a different story

 A welcome step toward making post-crash analysis more victim friendly and linking it with proactive street redesign

Intro 2224-A. seeks to establish a crash investigation and analysis unit within the Department of Transportation (DOT). The […]

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NYPD Precinct listens to the community: reorganizes 50% of parking space

In recent months , NYPD’s Precinct Manhattan North heard a lot about residents frustration with barricades and “combat parking” . Since last summer, such a set up gave the impression that the block was an “occupied zone” . The residents complained to Manhattan Community Board 4 who wrote a letter in October. […]

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Snow removal for whom?

If you ever needed confirmation, recent snowstorms showed once again that there is no equity between pedestrians/commuters/cyclists and drivers in New York City. All lanes of vehicular traffic were cleared of snow in 12 hours, while bus stops, bike lanes, corners and sidewalks were impassable. We should not be surprised: the NYC Sanitation Department (DSNY) calls its […]

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Speak UP: Port Authority presents plan for rebuilding the Bus Terminal

Click here to see all available details

After 10 years of planning , the Port Authority is launching its Federal Environmental impact review for a new terminal commuter terminal to replace the existing one on site , and a long distance terminal/ staging building to remove Curb side terminals and buses parked on the […]

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Six years of progress focused on street safety

Last Wednesday, Manhattan Community 4 took time to recap its annual results and thank Colleen Chattergoon of the Department of Transportation for her help in securing many of its wins . Most of the activity and wins have been focused on safety . The map of protected intersections in the district reflects such […]

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