Bike Master Plan in Hell’s Kitchen Clinton

The Project Advisory Committee for the Clinton/Hell’s Kitchen Transportation Study has recommended that certain bike routes planned for the southern part of the study be changed as they were located on streets we deemed not safe for such road sharing (most of them were located on Lincoln Tunnel access routes) .
Recommended streets would be
  • 29th Street (East of 9th AVenue)
  • 37th/38th Streets
  • 43rd/44th/45th Streets
The balance of cross streets identified in the bike master plan for our neighborhood are 48th/ 51st Streets and 54/55th streets, (8th to 12th  Avenues , and continuing to the east) .
DOT is asking whether there is any major reason to not locate a bike lane on those streets.
Besides providing for a safer path for bicyclists, whitout reducing parking on the side streets here are other advantages to bike lanes:
  • The width of the street is reduced. This induces cars to slow down and dissuades buses and truck to use the street
  • It reduces the amount of biking on sidewalk
  • Cars have to make a wider  turn at the intersection, which slows them down. – safer for pedestrian crossing .
  • NYC DOT explains Bike Lanes in the Big Apple from Streetfilms on Vimeo.

Indeed  all the other streets can still be used by bicyclists.
51st Street block association has already confirmed that they are happy to have a bike lane.
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