More Protection for Traffic Enforcers.

It is shocking to learn that there are still 30 attacks a year by drivers on NYPD’s traffic enforcers in New York city.  Not only drivers do not respect the law, and inflict over 10,000 injuries a year in New york city but they also do not respect the enforcement personnel.

When was the last time you heard of a bicylist or a pedestrian assaulting an officer?

There is something deadly wrong  with this class of citizens who behave like outlaws .  We wish the police would act more forcefully to bring them back into the fold of our society.

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Ted L
13 years ago

Unfortunately the Traffic Enforcers have targeted Police Officers private cars for tickets even when the are responding to emergencies when off duty. The TE’s seemed to have declared war on the NYPD by exerting whatever little power they have.

Maybe that’s why the NYPD may seem a bit disinterested in this problem.

And while Subways workers are protected with the same penalties for attacking they as attacking the NYPD, not sure if the TE’s are afforded the same courtesy.

And given that the Public doesn’t like to get parking tickets, even when stupidly forgetting they do not own a car, the complain when the illegally parked cars block their business and/or home.

Just some thoughts!