Call for action : Ask Governor Cuomo to sign bus legislation into law

Governor Cuomo has the bill to regulate long distance bus stops on his desk. Please write him to urge him signing this bill into law. This will ensure that the community will have a say in where these bus stops are located and the DOT will have a veto  over unsuitable curbside locations

Write governor Cuomo here ,  by pasting this sample letter into the space provided.


Dear Governor Cuomo,


WE write to urge you to sign bill NY-SB 4313 into law to authorize a bus passengerservice permit in cities having a population of one million or more.  


Our neighborhood of Hell’s Kitchen and Chelsea on the west side of Manhattan, is host to over 495 daily departures and arrivalof discount long distance buses that use the public space as their curbside terminal. These companies’ drivers stop in front of residences or businesses ruining their quality of life and income. At all hours of dayand night bus ushers yell destinations using bull horns right under residents windows, sidewalks become unusable for pedestrians because of queues of hundreds of travellers waiting for hours with their luggage, travellers urinate in back yards or take shelter from the rain in lobbies. Buses double park and idle for hours in the street.  


Clearly these buses play an important role in our economy and offer a service that is popular. However they should not do so at locations where such disruptive operations negatively affect businesses and residents, and this at no cost to the bus companies.


This law will allow thNew York City DOT and the Community to identify curbside locations that are most appropriate for this kind of activities, where bus companies can expand their service without negative impact to the community.

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