Campaign against buses on 44th Street: Results

The community board passed a slew of resolutions to restrict illegal bus traffic on 44th Street between 9th and 10th Avenue. letters went to NYPD, DOT , Port Authority, and bus companies, as well as our elected officials. As you know from our April 14th post , many commuter buses have been using this residential block as a detour to reach the Port Authority .

The New York Post picked up the story and published it today.  Ashley, a member of the Board of the Block Association and of CHEKPEDS, saw first hand the impact :
” I was out on 44th Street this afternoon and I’ve never seen the amount of NYPD officers on the street ticketing motorcycles and looking for buses. It takes the Post to make NYPD reactive, when they really should be proactive.”

It is rewarding to see our efforts pay off…

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