Join Us Monday-1 p.m. to protest traffic violence

On June 6, a driver deliberately tried to run over a cyclist who was crossing the west side highway lawfully in the crosswalk. Watch the Video 

Press Conference – Right of Way camera enforcement
Monday, June 10th, 1 p.m.
City Hall


Join Corey Johnson and Antonio Reynoso to ask that the driver be held accountable and for the right of way to be enforced by cameras .





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2 Responses to Join Us Monday-1 p.m. to protest traffic violence

  1. Leslie Johnson says:

    Not just this driver but every car, truck, bus, cyclist, moped, battery powered wheel chair, pedestrian needs to be held accountable for violating basic rules. I am always dodging bicycles, jumping out of the way of vehicles breezing through red lights etc etc. Please make this driver accountable! Thank you chekpedss for all your good work .
    Oops! I forgot to mention all those clueless adults who routinely barrel down sidewalks using their children in strollers as weapons and unthinkingly push their children into traffic the instant traffic lights change endangering the children.

  2. Team Chekpeds says:

    So true!

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