Miracle Ticket #3

Wednesday afternoon my street was overtaken with three charter busses parked illegally. As luck would have it, a traffic agent was approaching on foot. I showed him the buses, the regulation, indicated that a legal bus parking was located on the other side of the avenue,  and asked him if he would write tickets.  A bizarre exchange then took place,  The agent: ” I wonder what this bus is doing here?”   Me:  ” It is parked illegally, that’s what!”. Finally after a bit more prodding the agent wrote a ticket.

When I asked him to ticket the second bus, he looked at me as if he was doing me a huge favor by doing his job and said he did not have time ( OK maybe his shift was over) .

This is the third time this happens to me. The second time it took 7 city officials and myself to convince an officer who was refilling his van at a gas station to ticket a Cadillac SUV parked on the sidewalk, obstructing the path to the school.  The question the agent posed then was ” Who does this car belong to ?”. You can see the first time here.

So when the council passes laws to relieve excessive parking ticketing,  I have no idea to which groups they are pandering to . Certainly not the law abiding citizens who have to beg for tickets to be issued to scofflaws .

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