Regulation of Sightseeing Bus – Better but needs work

On September 23, 2016 the City Council held an oversight hearing of the Hop-on, Hop-off bus industry a welcome initiative.

Intro 529 -A increased safety requirements for drivers, a proposal we support whole heartedly. However CB4 asked that the drivers be subject to the same safety test as the MTA drivers. Nothing less.

Intro 713 -A proposed to subject sightseeing bus stops to Community board review and approval.

Intro 950 established  a quota system to limit the number of buses to 225 , approximately the existing number of permits. While this sounds like a good idea there is a serious downside to this idea and  CB4 proposed instead to limit the locations of stops  and  subject the companies to stringent method of operations including reducing the advertising they carry on their buses.

You can read the full testimony of Manhattan Community Board 4  HERE 

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