Top Priorities for $ 35 billion in Federal Transportation Funding

Chekpeds members spoke up last week , to ensure that funds are directed at fixing the main issues that plague our neighborhood
Pedestrian safety and Street congestion in CB4 . The three studies under way will be completed on or before 2010. We need funds in 2010 to implement the solutions identified.
Pedestrian Safety in New York city : Transportation Alternatives has identified those intersections that account for 50% of all pedestrian fatalities in New York city . Spending the mere $ 25 millions required to fix them must be a priority.
High level of Asthma ( the second highest in Manhattan after Harlem according to the Department of Health) brought upon us by the concentration of Diesel buses idling in our streets due to a lack of bus Garage for Charter buses and commuter Vans

The community Board will vote on October 3rd to support thesepriorities

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