On 15 June 2010, the NYC DOT held the first Community Advisory Committee (CAC) meeting.  The CAC is composed of a broad range of stakeholders, including elected officials, Community Board members, civic/neighborhood groups, business organizations, and major area institutions. The CAC will meet every few months during the planning process for the project. According to the DOT, the role of the CAC is to:

  • provide opportunities for input as project design and implementation progress
  • provide stakeholders with information to share with their constituencies about project details and outreach efforts
  • ensure that key issues are identified and addressed

For more information, click here.

To see the presentation slides, click here.

Overall, they do not have a specific plan yet. They will begin a comprehensive traffic study soon, to be completed in early 2011 that will be used in the development of the plan. They are interested in hearing from all stakeholders to make sure all issues are addressed. They will also be holding public outreach sessions throughout the next 2 years.

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