Press conference

Monday, April 23rd 10:30 am.

City Hall Steps

We are excited that the Mayor will unveil his PlaNYC 2030 Sustainability Initiative on Earth Day, this Sunday, April 22nd. Various sources close to the planning process assert that there will be several very good proposals that mirror the Traffic Relief Coalition charter, INCLUDING CONGESTION PRICING ! Coverage of the event has already begun today, with articles in the Daily News, NY Post, and New York Times. While many of the details are yet to be worked out, it’s important that the Traffic Relief Coalition applauds the City for the great initiatives they propose and hold them accountable if the PlaNYC 2030 agenda doesn’t meet our standards. This is why many of us will join a group of business and trade groups, advocates, and citizens unions from around the city to comment on the Mayor’s PlaNYC 2030. Please take an hour or two of your day this coming Monday to join us in supporting Traffic Relief and a sustainable New York City now and in the future.

NYTimes Bagli story

NYTimes Neuman story

NYTimes Chang story

Daily News story

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