Languishing in the City Council, there is a bill that could save lives — a bill to hold the NYPD accountable for traffic safety — and if we don’t act, it will fade away.

Take Action CLICK to  Send an e-fax and insist Speaker Quinn fulfill her promise to pass this bill.

When the Saving Lives through Better Information Bill (PDF) was introduced in April, the NYPD balked, refusing to negotiate and claiming outrageous resources were required to share traffic safety data. At the time, Council Speaker Christine Quinn stood strong against the onslaught of NYPD hyperbole.

“We’ll continue to negotiate with the Police Department,” Speaker Quinn promised at the time, noting she could “pass legislation over the Police Department’s or other people’s objections,” but prefers, “to try to negotiate for a reasonable period of time, see if we can get consensus. If we can’t, we can’t.”

The information in contention: The traffic crashes and fatalities that occurred, and summonses issued to all, in each precinct. That is all.

Council Speaker Quinn promised to see all parties to the table to argue out responsibility for the traffic data’s transparency. Yet last week, when the bill was reintroduced, the NYPD was not brought to the table. The DOT was left to stumble over questions about data that the NYPD collects, both agencies analyze and neither publishes.

Please Send the fax- without information we will not reduce vehicular crimes.

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13 years ago

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