CALL TO ACTION : Tell Congress to spend more stimulus $ for BETTER TRANSIT – SAFER STREETS

The current proposal for the stimulus allocates only 25% of the $ 41 billion to be spent on Transportation to Mass Transit. This is NOT ENOUGH! The MTA already needs $2 billion. We want to increase this portion to $ 20 billion and see another $ 12 billion spent on pedestrian and bicycle safety, bus lanes, bike lanes and High Occupancy Vehicles lanes. Read CHEKPEDS’  Transportation stimulus letter final to  our elected representatives, and click here for the full details of the package. Now your turn, the new adminstration is ready to listen…

Take 1 minute to FAX your representatives and sign petitions

Congressman Jerrold Nadler FAX NOW
Senator Charles Schumer FAX NOW
Transportation for America SIGN the Petiton NOW
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