The Hudson Yards rezoning plan approved in 2005 included an extension of the subway line # 7 with two stations: 41st Street and 10th Avenue as well as 33rd Street and 11th Avenue. The city indicated in the past that there are not enough funds to build the 41st Street station but they would be building a shell to retain the option to complete the station later at low cost.

This option has been discarded as well. This makes it prohibitively expensive to build the station in the future. In the meantime 14,400 new residents are moving in the neighborhood with no transit options, generating thousands of taxi and shuttle-bus trips on an already congested 42nd Street corridor.

Speak Up at Community Board 4’s Public Session

Wednesday, March 3, 2010 @ 6:30 p.m.

Fulton Center Auditorium, 119 Ninth Avenue (17/18)

This project is literally “shovel ready” since the boring machines are already digging the tunnel underground. It will create 1,500 jobs over its duration. And a new jobs stimulus package is being voted on by the Federal Government. The time to Speak up is now!

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