Can electronic scooters peacefully co-exist with pedestrians?

CHEKPEDS has learned that Speaker Corey Johnson and Transportation chair Ydanis Rodriguez are working on a legislation to ensure the orderly inclusion of electric scooters in the New York Transportation options.


These appliances which look like a children ‘s toy have showed up in various cities and caused consternation with pedestrians as described in this article “What ends up on the Sidewalk“.

In  a letter to the speaker, CHEKPEDS recommends a four-part  approach to legalizing scooters and dock-less bikes: 

  • Create parking for these vehicles in the Parking lane . Let the operators fund and maintain these parking spaces.
  • Allow only scooters designed for a maximum speed of 10 mph.
  • Increase enforcement of illegal use of all vehicles including scooters; in particular riding or parking on sidewalk and going the wrong way should get increased penalties.
  • Convene a task force to study sidewalk encroachments and resolve the multi-agency conflicts as well as propose sidewalk enlargement.

We look forward to hearing your comments  below..

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