<liThere should be concentrated pedestrian counts somewhere on Ninth Avenue between West 45th and 55th Streets at designated left-turn intersections at 29th and 8th Avenue and 9th Avenue

  • Bicycle count should not be done on 11th Avenue, but both 8th and 9th Avenues
  • The Moynihan Station project has a worst-case scenario in its Draft Scope for the DSEIS to move all USPS functions currently at Farley Post Office to the Morgan Annex – 250,000 square feet total. The USPS is intending to move its entire Bronx mail processing operation to Morgan Annex, resulting in 117 more morning rush hour truck trips in and out of Morgan Annex.  For more information, please reach out to me
  • <The baseline of study now is at 2000 levels because that was the last census, but this area has seen absolutely tremendous growth since 2000 and the baseline should be 2008.  City Planning, the Community Board could be valuable sources of information in making sure that current levels are accurate.
  • Changes in when the tubes for the Lincoln Tunnel switch directions should be studied
  • It is imperative that this study, though it may not have the authority to demand such, at least look carefully at the proposed Port Authority Bus Garage and develop an opinion on which of the two proposed locations are preferable from the point of view of traffic and pedestrian congestion in the neighborhood. 
  • This project would do more to ease traffic congestion by taking trucks off the street than all the other suggestions could possibly enable, and this study is uniquely able to develop a position, or at least study, the proposed bus garage and what its capacity and location should be.
  • The Port Authority, in its proposed budget, plans to increase XBL for the Lincoln Tunnel.  This should be incorporated in the study. 
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    16 years ago

    One observation made at the TAC meeting was that bicylce counts should also be made on 11th Ave, to document how few bikes, if any, are there, and not simply rely on anecdotal evidence.