Although we have no-idling laws in place, there is also the opportunity for operators to request an exemption. And they do:

The Interior Demolition Contractors Association, Inc. applied for a variance from section 24-163 of the Administrative Code, which prohibits vehicle idling. The companies state they need to idle for loading demolition debris from occupied buildings onto their trucks, which are commonly known as packers and one company also stated idling is necessary to regenerate/self-clean the filtration system that is required on the trucks

We know it is not true since the loading of demolition debris is done by other equipments, not by the trucks. In addition auxiliary electrical systems can be used to regenerate self/clean their filtration system.

You can testify on November 17, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. to stop this egregious request

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1 year ago

Manhattan Total Health and Evolve Health are nortorious for sending their employees outside to distribute flyers to people while standing near construction sites in Manhattan.