Clinton-Hell’s Kitchen traffic study – scope – 12-04-2007

Members of the Transportation Advisory committee - 12-04-2007

Dear TAC members ,  By adding a comment below you will be able to share your comments with the other members Which intersections must be added and why? A list of schools traffic congestion: which peak day should be studied ( Week days and Week end) and which peak hours ? Current locations of bicycle concentrations ..Any other suggestions…Any other questions

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16 years ago

This is where you leave your comments……..

16 years ago

I’m finally getting around to responding to Colin Casey’s excellent comments and have realized how much there is to reinforce and add to. So, one topic at a time over a period of time on Colin’s first bullet:
Pedestrian Counts
There should indeed be counts between 45th and 55th on 8th and 9th Avenues. This is especially important on 9th because of narrow old sidewalks, deteriorated curbing and “blind” crossing conditions. For example, on 45/9th Ave, right turning traffic has caused two fatalities because turning vehicle sight is obstructed and pedestrians are walking with their backs to turning vehicles.
Therefore, the observer making the counts can also note the conditions of crossing and how vehicles and pedestrians deal with sharing on both left and right turns off and onto 8th and 9th Avenues. Possible? Are there similar conditions in your area? Martin Treat

16 years ago

I think it is worth reiterating Colin’s point that there should be more pedestrian counts above 45th Street. Looking at the scope of the study, not only are there no pedestrian counts above 45th, but there are no turning movement counts, and no traffic analysis locations. In general, DOT should not leave out the northern part of the study area.

Another thing we discussed at the last meeting was that the peak hours of this neighborhood are different than other parts of the City because of the Theatre District. People shared their comments about what peak times should be studied, and DOT said it would take into account these comments and then get back to the Committee.

And some additional thoughts about bikes: When doing bike counts, DOT should look at whether or not the bike lanes are actually accessible, or if they are blocked by double parked cars or trucks. People also requested that DOT look at rack locations and if the racks are being used. DOT should also observe where people are parking their bikes illegally to see if and where additional racks need to be installed.

Shannon Flaherty
Assembly Member Gottfried’s Office