This is the last week of the state budget session in Albany, and that means this is our last shot to take action to pass congestion pricing in New York City. We could save 17,000 injuries and 71 deaths in the next two years and make our rides reliable while saving significant transit time. congestion pricing will help reducing asthma hospitalizations for young children by more that 30% as it did in Stockholm, and will reduce road rage and domestic abuse which increases with long and congested commute.

This is our last shot to save our streets from choking in dangerous traffic, and to save our transit system from crumbling into disrepair.After a decade of pushing and pulling, this is our best shot to make congestion pricing happen. Truthfully, there may never be a better moment than this one at all.

Will you call Assembly Speaker Heastie and Senate Leader Stewart-Cousins, thank them for their leadership, and ask they include the strongest possible congestion pricing plan in the state budget this week? the ONLY exemption we support is for people with disabilities because the subway is not accessible. 

Call Senate Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins: 518‑455‑2585
Call Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie: 518‑455‑3791

We need to keep pushing — can we count on you to make those calls?

Let’s get this done.

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