Dangerous intersections – part 3

Thanks to all of you who have given us excellent information. Indeed we have so many dangerous intersections! Here they are summarized. Please review the information once more by CLICKING HERE , and give us your corrections by clicking on “comment” at the bottom of this post. Once we receive your final comments we will forward this compilation to the DOT’s Project Manager.

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3 Responses to Dangerous intersections – part 3

  1. Julie says:

    I think you neglected to include the crossing at 57th Street and 9th Avenue (even though it’s not in your official survey). The crossing on the south side of 57th Street both east and west across 9th Avenue is very dangerous. There is an advance yellow light that allows cars to turn south onto 9th Avenue from the east side of 57th St. Cars run that light in addition to pedestrians not paying attention. As mentioned, perhaps an ADVANCE green pedestrian light would give people on foot a few more seconds ahead of the traffic, not after it. Thanks. J

  2. Christine Berthet says:

    Good catch will add

  3. Christine Berthet says:

    My name is Jenna and I am a proud resident of south Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood. I moved into 400 W. 37th street in 2008. As a law-abiding New Yorker, I always wait to cross until the pedestrian streetlight directs me to do so. But crossing Ninth Avenue (east to west) for pedestrians is extremely dangerous, even treacherous.

    When the pedestrian light says walk, cars from 37th street also have a green light. These cars can either go straight, or make a left onto Ninth Avenue. The cars that do turn either turn into the far left lane of Ninth Avenue or they turn into the right lane on Ninth Avenue to enter the Lincoln Tunnel.

    The cars that make this left from 37th street are usually driving extremely fast and reckless, and seem to have a blind spot toward walking people at certain positions within the crosswalk.

    In the summer of 2010, I was crossing eastward on Ninth Avenue when I saw a pedestrian get hit by an SUV that had turned left from 37th street onto Ninth Avenue, entering the tunnel. The car made a swift left turn and struck the man who was walking in the crosswalk, as he fell to the ground. He was scratched and shaken up, and fortunately, he wasn’t badly injured or fatally struck. I cross Ninth Avenue at least four times a day, and each time I do I feel anxious and frightened for my life.

    I am aware that there is a NYC DOT Officer on duty weekdays for a few hours during rush hour, and he or she does a fine job. However, it is not enough. Please help New Yorkers and fellow residents of the Community Board 4 feel safe and help support the banning of cars making a left turn into the far right lane of Ninth Avenue. Cars should be allowed to enter the Lincoln Tunnel only by Ninth Avenue.

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