On Sunday October 6th, with the help of the Partnership for Parks, and the millions tree program,  CHEKPEDS joined  HKNA to green the median islands on 9th Avenue between 35th and 45th Streets. Tree pits were planted with daffodils and Sedum plants (graciously donated by the Glenwood organization) and covered with mulch provided by the Parks Department. Our friends of Revolution Rickshaw donated their time to help transport the materials along the bike lane. Luis, from the Chelsea Garden Club  gave useful instructions specific to planting on the median. Watch the video with instructions .. Loads of fun and more traffic calming . We hope you will join us for the spring event.

Our Thanks to Million Tree, Partnership for Parks, Revolution Rickshaws, Glenwood, Chelsea Garden club sand all our volunteers.

If you would like mulch for your trees, there is plenty left on Dyer Plaza, Dyer Avenue between 35th and 36th Streets. Just go and pick it up.

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10 years ago

Awesome what neighbors helping neighbors can accomplish for the common good!
Thanks to everyone who spent time with us on this worthy project.

10 years ago

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