Pier 76, the abominable tow pound the City committed to dismantle 20 years ago is finally gone! This is a triple win for our neighborhood.

First safety: the pound attracted tow trucks and cars who were constantly in a rush and showed little regard for the users of the greenway. There were 116 injuries and one fatality on that stretch of the greenway intelsat 9 years .

Second traffic: eliminating a repair shop for NYPD cars and hundreds of cars parked on pier 76 will eliminate traffic that travelled on our neighborhood streets to reach the pound.

And finally we do not have to wait for another 20 years to get a huge park .Pier 76 is being dismantled as we speak ! The interim design is quite exciting . See for yourself.

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Gregg Zuman
5 months ago

That pier must be returned to service as a working pier processing goods moved by boat and barge! How do you expect to ever rid the city of endless parades of massive monster trucks unless the infrastructure process and move goods about town is available to superior modes such as barges, boats, live-electric vehicles, and the like???

5 months ago

Looks great – Every one of these pier parks is a huge plus to otherwise cooped-up New Yorkers – Yay!!!

Also,I wonder about the response above – Doesn’t all that cargo need to be delivered around town anyway?

Team Chekpeds
Team Chekpeds
5 months ago

This pier has not been working pier for more than 70 years.

4 months ago

[…] demolition of the site of the former NYPD Manhattan tow pound is finally being prepped as a park. (CHEKPEDS) Mayor de Blasio’s daily presser was dominated by happy talk about the creation of a new precinct […]