Join us to ensure that e-scooters are introduced in phases in New York city in the appropriate  areas where they can be useful (not in the CBD), with proper speed controller (12 mph.) the proper infrastructure (no sidewalk riding; parking in parking lane only ) and legal safeguards (proper user agreement and increased enforcement).

We oppose legalizing class  2 and 3 e-bikes  which reach 20 and 28 mph respectively, without their drivers obtaining a license and registration as is currently required for comparable vehicles (mopeds), and driving in the roadway instead of the bike lanes.

We are in favor of financial assistance to convert every class 2 and 3 e-bikes to class 1. and in favor of applying stiff penalties to the sellers of kits to convert bikes in class 2 and 3 e-bikes. Further delivery workers should get the same minimum wage as all other workers and a compulsory tip should be included in deliveries. They should not have to use illegal vehicles to survive.

January 23, 2018 , 1 p.m.
City Hall Chambers
Hearings on legalization of e-scooters and e-bikes at the city council

Bills text 
Chekpeds letter to elected officials
Manhattan Community Board 4 resolution 

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