This is not everyday that we get a brand new sidewalk, let alone a sidewalk that has taken over a full parking lane!

Not only is there such a sidewalk on the north side of 36th street between 9th and Dyer Avenues, but NYC Department of Transportation and artist John Locke will beautify the barriers with a unique design at the northwest intersection of 36th Street and 9th Avenue under the Community Commissions Urban Art Program.

Beautify the Sidewalk
Saturday, April 12, 2014, 9:00 a.m.
Northwest intersection of 36th Street and 9th Avenue

Final Design

Volunteers interested in participating in the painting of the barriers can gather at this intersection and speak with DOT Representative, Courtney Mulligan (on-site) in order to sign an “Artwork Volunteer Release Form” and join the painters.

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Keith Rodan
Keith Rodan
10 years ago


This should only be the start of wider sidewalks along 9 Av itself
– and on both sides.

People, not cars!