As the adminstration is  updating PlaNYC, with input from various stakeholders including CHEKPEDS,  the nomination of  a new leader – David Bragdon –  with strong transportation credentials, to succeed the plan’s exceptional founder, Rohit Aggarwala, is welcome news. In particular linking land use planning and transportation will be a key ingredient of the next iteration, as Mayor Bloomberg has committed to create more affordable housing than ever in the city.

“He’s got a real strong, rooted sense in policy, particularly around transportation, sustainability, and environmental stewardship.”

IN Portland,  Bragdon made transportation one of his two top issues, along with the creation of an interconnected regional park system called the Intertwine…

Sadowsky highlighted cycling-friendly achievements under Bragdon’s watch, like the creation of a Metro Active Transportation Council, which brings together stakeholders from across the region to support walking and biking. Bragdon also facilitated the expansion of transit in Portland … and also played an integral role in promoting transit-oriented development in the region.”

Full article at  New York City » Advocates on Both Coasts Call Bragdon a Smart Choice to Lead PlaNYC.

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