New York City needs more secure bike parking. In New York City, access to secure bicycle parking is the second most important factor determining whether people choose to ride a bike or not. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough to meet demand, and the lack of bicycle parking prevents more New Yorkers from cycling. There has been a 70% decline in the installation of bike parking since 2021. A 2020 TA report quantified the failure of the City to invest in bike parking. While there are 1.5 parking spaces for every car registered in NYC, there is only one bicycle parking space for every 116 bikes. 

This is critical to pedestrians because tying up one’s bike to trees, tree guards or any other object takes space away from pedestrians. More importantly parking on sidewalks encourage bad behavior of riding on sidewaks. Finally when there is a congregation of deliveristas the problem is amplified.

 Tell Mayor Adams: Build more bike parking.

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