Thanks to the leadership and extensive work of Chekpeds’ board member Eric Muise, Manhattan Community Board 4 (CB4) has developed a policy for how to allocate sidewalk space on the avenues and wide streets in our district. This policy informs how various committees will weigh competing sidewalk demands and guide Board advocacy on sidewalk us. It is informed by a survey of the district’s residents.

Sidewalks are the pedestrian arteries of our cities and neighborhoods, carrying thousands of people in a clean, efficient and healthy mode of transportation: walking. Unfortunately, our sidewalks occupy only approximately 25% of the public space, even though 77.5% of Manhattan households did not own a car in 2000.
Sidewalk space will be allocated to prioritize a “Clear Pedestrian Path”, which is an unobstructed “walking lane” designed to efficiently carry the number of pedestrians corresponding to an acceptable Level of Service.

High Value Amenities that provide essential services and contribute to an improved transportation experience will take precedence. High Value Amenities include trees, wastebaskets, bus shelters and bus stops including the space necessary for commuters to wait, step on and off the bus.

The cumulative length of sidewalk occupied by all amenities (except trees) will be limited to 50% of the total length of an avenue block from corner quadrant to corner quadrant.
CB4 Sidewalk_Policy Final – 2009-05

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