In May 2008,  our elected officials convened a pedestrian summit with the DOT commissioner. More than 150 vocal residents showed up and shared a collection of grievances all very resonable. If none of them were new to us , it was all new news to the Comissionner and her team took copious notes .  Click here to see the list of requests and here to track the progress on those .

Speed Bumps on 17th Street .A full year after the crash that killed Kumo, a seven year old boy, on 17th Street, the Department of Transportation finally installed the speed bump promised.  This was not easy. Two speed bumps were installed last year between 8th and 9th Avenue , while the critical ones, between 9th and 10th,  were held back because of construction . Finally the DOT relented after the Speaker’s office subjected them to a barrage of phone calls.

Protect against turning cars and shortened crossings at Penn South . The 9th Avenue bike lane is being extended  north to 31st Street. At each intersection the left turn signal will give priority to pedestrians while unusually wide streets have been narrowed. A dream come true for residents of Penn South who had been complaining for years of these  dangerous intersections.

Lead Pedestrian Interval (LPI)  installed at 34th Street and Dyer Avenue.Residents here have feared for their life while crossing 34th Street when the Lincoln Tunnel traffic arrives at full speed and turns the blind corner . A 17 second LPI was installed that gives time to pedestrians to cross safely and reduces the honking from  cars. A win-win for all. Check Out the Movie.

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