A DOT consultant has initiated a review of 9th Avenue from 34th to 50th Streets from 8th to 10th Avenue, to identify traffic calming measures adequate to the large concentration of seniors in the area.

Two measures have already been implemented fully of partially:
1- Feathering down of traffic on 9th Avenue form 50th to 42nds street. By doing so more time is allocated to pedestrians to cross and less time to cars. Now pedestrians and cars have each 30 seconds, double the time the pedestrians used to have to cross 9th Avenue.

2- The 42nd street turning lane used by westbound buses and trucks to turn south on 9th Avenue has been marked as a turning lane. Next, signals will be changed so that the light for the left turning lane will turn green at the end of the green cycle, which will give priority to pedestrians to cross on the southern crossing, and will remove the conflicts with turning vehicles.

Other measures are still under study.

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