Pedestrian’s delight: 9th Avenue gets a protected crossing at 43rd Street

This week, DOT installed what hundreds of Manhattan Plaza senior citizens and families with young children have been asking for years: a traffic signal that protects pedestrian crossing 9th Avenue on the south leg from westbound cars turning south from 43rd Street onto 9th Avenue.


Above , cars have a red turn arrow, while pedestrians crossing the avenue are fully protected, then a **new feature** provides for a blinking yellow arrow that lets drivers turn but tells them to proceed with care.


This is a tremendous improvement over the status quo at this intersection where a large volume of buses and shuttles make a turn at peak hour.

This was requested as part of the Hell’s Kitchen DOT study started in July 2007. Thank You DOT , Greg Haas, Margaret Forgione, Colleen Chattergoon and all the engineers who made it happen.

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5 Responses to Pedestrian’s delight: 9th Avenue gets a protected crossing at 43rd Street

  1. Keith Rodan says:

    That’s great, but even more important is the crosswalk on the southwest corner of W.41st St. There is a no-right turns, except buses, from 4 to 7 PM sign clearly posted but it is completely ignored by cars and trucks. 2 pedestrians were reportedly killed here. The Port Authority says it’s not in their jurisdiction, and the NYC Traffic Dept. says it’s not their responsibility either. It’s either Midtown South Pct., they say, or call 311 (311 operators are somewhere in Minnesota, and the complaints they relay don’t get looked into for months, in my experience).

    Christine Berthet, chair of CB#4 says an arrow turning light will be installed here….we’re waiting….and waiting.

  2. nan says:

    That took 7 Years!?!?

  3. Team Chekpeds says:

    That is coming next .. but let’s enjoy for one minute what we just got!

  4. sheree sano says:

    This is phenomenal!! I’ve always been afraid to cross there especially at certain times of the day when the cars leave no room for ped.s to cross safely. Thank you Christine –
    You are a true force!! Brava!!

  5. Team Chekpeds says:

    Thanks to all the CHEKPEDS members like you , who kept the pressure ! we will prevail..

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