Earlier this year, at the request of our Elected officials, a working group of 40 transportation and development practitioners, elected officials and local stakeholders spent the best part of 14 weeks to familiarize themselves with the State’s massive proposal to pile up development around Penn Station, including on three blocks to be razed. The avowed purpose is to fund a portion of Penn Improvements and eXpansion to accommodate New Jersey train commuters demand albeit neither project has yet been though the Federal and public approval review. Here is the comprehensive report the working group published on August 2nd.

However many questions remain:

  • Why approve funding before the railway project is defined?
  • Will the new Governor reevaluate the timing?
  • Will Penn eXpansion require the demolition of three blocks? Is there a better way?
  • What are the improvements to be funded in the current station?
  • Could the railroad projects be less expensive ?
  • Will the railroad project include the creation of a grand Hall and entrances ?
  • Will the railroads do what is best for the future, or what is more convenient for them?

That same Community Advisory Committe – Working Group is poised to receive an amended project plan at the end of September. ‘s included.

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