Join CHEKPEDS, T.A. activists and other outraged New Yorkers
for a City Hall rally.

Rally to Demand Our Right of Way

Wednesday August 7, 2013, 
8:30 am
Steps of City Hall

Renee Thompson was a 16-year-old girl walking home from her part-time job on the Upper East Side. Renee Thompson had not yet decided if she wanted to be a writer or a lawyer, but she knew she wanted to be part of Howard University’s freshman class in 2014. On Wednesday, all those dreams were slaughtered on the corner of East 60th Street and 3rd Avenue when the driver of a massive tractor-trailer killed Renee Thompson.

Every day in New York City, our right of way is threatened. You feel the consequences every day, and every day, we all fear the worst. Last week, the worst happened again and again. Drivers killed seven New Yorkers walking on New York City streets. Countless others were grossly injured, each despite their right of way.**

Enough! It’s our right of way, and we’re going to defend it!

Please join me, local activists and New Yorkers like you this Wednesday, August 7th, for a City Hall rally to demand our right of way.

On Wednesday morning, hundreds of outraged New Yorkers will gather on the steps of City Hall to demand the City of New York protect our right of way. Starting at 8:30 am, we will be there to remember the New Yorkers killed in these terrible crashes, to hear from some of the survivors and to demand a better way.

Please join me on the steps of City Hall on Wednesday. Together we can stand up for our right of way.

In Solidarity,

Paul Steely White
Executive Director
Transportation Alternatives

** It’s terrible, but these statistics aren’t outliers. Already in 2013, drivers killed more than 70 New Yorkers walking on New York City streets.

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