Are you satisfied that after jumping the sidewalk and killing or maiming a pedestrian, a driver can go back to driving immediately without even a summonses ? What about the fact that in CB4 , traffic officers gave  five times more tickets for tinted windows and broken lights than for failure to yield to pedestrians ? Failure to Yield to Pedestrians in the crosswalk with the Walk sign, account for 44% of all pedestrian injuries.

In 2013 to date, the whole Transportation Bureau (dedicated traffic officers) has given less than 1% (0.64% to be exact) of tickets  for failure to yield , versus 7% for tinted windows. When was the last time a tinted window caused a pedestrian or bicyclist deaths?

If you are outraged, you should be. Join us and speak up at  the Committee on Transportation who will hold a joint hearing on this matter with the Committee on Public Safety.

City Council Hearings
Monday, September 30th, 10:00 a.m.
Committee Room, 250 Broadway, 16th Floor

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Ted Leibowitz
Ted Leibowitz
8 years ago

Are cops lazy?
Are cops getting bribes?
Should these cops who ignore moving vehicle violations be suspended and/or fired?