The intercity bus law took effect in November, but after the storm Sandy hit NYC, the city suspended its efforts to formulate guidelines for placement of bus stops.

The effort is picking up steam again . Please join us to participate in designing the guidelines .

Bring your practical suggestions: distance from residences and businesses,  distance from existing transportation hubs (Penn Station or Port Authority), wide enough sidewalk,  low pedestrian volumes, limit on the number of people in the queue ….

Intercity Bus Stops
Tuesday, April 30, 6:00 to 7:30 p.m.
Hotel Pennsylvania, Gold Ballroom (C level), 401 7th Avenue (b/w 32 & 33)

bus stop

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11 years ago

I ride these buses sometimes. I really need them because I need to make frequent trips to DC and sometimes these buses are all I can afford. I respect the needs of the community, as I live here as well, but I also need a safe place to wait for a bus early in the morning or get off late at night.