in June the State passed  legislation allowing up to 750 speed cameras,  from  6 a.m. to 10 p.m. on weekdays year round , anywhere in a 1/4 mile radius from a school.

This is a massive expansion of the 40- camera enforcement system in place which has already proven its effectiveness: speeding at location with cameras have decreased by more than 60% with 80% of violators not receiving a second ticket.

A camera is the perfect tool for traffic enforcement – no bias, no prejudice and it does not eat donuts .  Especially when the NYPD seems to be on strike, doing  a deliberate slow down on traffic enforcement . The gothamist reports that 

comparison“According to data released by the Mayor’s Management Report, motorists were hit with 1,027,000 moving violations in fiscal year 2019, the lowest total since 2015. For offenses classified as hazardous violations—such as speeding or running a red light—summonses decreased by 4.2 percent, from 942,684 in FY 2018 to 902,482.”

How is it acceptable to let Safety officers off the hook ? it sounds more and more like a mutiny and our families are paying the price for it .

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