Last night, the State Legislature went home without approving an extension of life-saving speed cameras at schools. The Assembly majority showed real leadership by approving an expansion bill but the Senate did not allow it to advance. Because of this inaction, , the speed camera program as we know it will end on July 25th and lives will be at risk. 140 schools will lose these speed cameras which reduce pedestrian injuries by 23 percent and speeding by 63 percent.

We need your support. Join Mayor de Blasio and advocates for a rally to tell Albany that they must approve a speed camera bill.

Rally to Support Speed Cameras (with Mayor De Blasio)
This Sunday, June 25th, 11 a. m.
Union Square

Thank you for joining us in this important fight!

If you’re interested in attending or know others who would like to attend, please let Gabrielle know.

Gabrielle Dann-AllelManhattan Borough Director
Mayor’s Community Affairs Unit
o: 212-788-2781
m: 347-268-7912

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Patrick Schnell
Patrick Schnell
5 years ago

We need more speed cameras! Any politician who does not demand and ensure the implementation of speed cameras in NYC is complicit in vehicular manslaughter. We know that speeding causes horrible injuries and death, and we know that speed cameras are effective at reducing speeds. To not act accordingly is not an option.
thank you,
Patrick Schnell, M.D.

Team Chekpeds
Team Chekpeds
Reply to  Patrick Schnell
5 years ago

Absolutely . Cumom and his cohorts are not worth theslary we pay them. It is a no brainer.