Chekpeds and Open Plan, with their friends (Litter Legion, our elected officials) celebrated the sidewalk extension that DOT installed 18 months ago. This extension doubles the size of a sidewalk that had been shrunk by Robert Moses in order to accommodate the Lincoln tunnel traffic. Clarence’s (from Award-winning Streetfilms) film shows the current conditions compared to 2007, when we started our advocacy.

This reminded us why we keep fighting: space to safely chat and reconnect with neighbors, where kids can safely jump rope and play, and enjoy Hell’s Kitchen, which – were it not for the New Jersey traffic -, would be the best place to live in the city.

A New Orleans band marched up and down the super sidewalk, from W54th to W 51st, led by a Super Pedestrian on stilts. Thank you Ted Arenas of RISE for the dressing room! Meanwhile Tape artist KUKI installed artwork on the sidewalk from W 54th to W 56th street, while a student drew portraits. See the photos here , and the W42nd article here

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