The invention of Jaywalking

How did we get from the New York Times, November 23, 1924:


“The horrors of peace appear to be more appalling than the horrors of war. The automobile looms up as a far more destructive piece of mechanism than the machine gun. The reckless motorist deals more death the artilleryman. The man in streets seems less safe than the man in the trench. The greatest single lethal factor is the automobile. It left shambles in its wake as it coursed through 1923.”


To June 27, 2013 when the New York Times would not even think of reporting the 157 traffic deaths and 11,000 injuries last year in New York City?

Jaywalking was invented.. Click Here to hear  the story of how it happened.

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2 Responses to The invention of Jaywalking

  1. Gregg Zuman says:

    Misnomer. The imperative headline needs to read “NO INCIDENT WEEK”, as accidents are incidents morphed by marketers into something other than an incident.

    Thanks for posting, and keep up the great work!!

  2. Christine Berthet says:

    Yes! new term is collision , as adopted by NYPD .

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